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Kavics Spa Klub & Hotel Wellness pihenés
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Balneo Hotel Zsori**** Thermal & Wellness

Kavics Spa Klub & Hotel a festői Velencén

Hotel Karos Spa

Wellness Hotel Gyula**** superior

Hétkúti Wellness Hotel

NaturMed Hotel Carbona**** Superior Hévíz

Popular Destinations

Gróf Degenfeld Kastélyszálló****
Balneo Hotel Zsori**** Thermal & Wellness
Kehida Termal Health Resort and Family Spa Kehidakustány

Festivals, Markets

Kistarcsai Böllérfesztivál 2017
2017. february 4.

Hófesztivál 2017 Mátraszentistván
2017. january 26 - 28.

Pécsi Csokoládé Karnevál 2017
2017. february 4 - 5.

Esküvő Kiállítás és Vásár
2017. january 21 - 22.

VIP packages

Téli pihenés Hévízen
Évindító wellness akció

Sights to Visit

Tropicarium Budapest

Szegedi Tudományegyetem Füvészkert

Esztergomi Bazilika és Főszékesegyházi Kincstár

Herend Porcelain Manufactury

Fun with Family and Children

Állatkert Játszóház

Zemplén Kalandpark téli programok

Palace of Wonders Budapest


Animals, Cats, Dogs

Shark feeding in Tropicarium Budapest

Terra-Akva Terrarisztikai és Akvarisztikai Börze 2017

Solymász bemutató minden vasárnap Gyulán

Visit of the Tropicarium Budapest Zoo Aquarium

KutyaFesztivál 2017

Programturizmus, the Experience Navigator

Where should we go, what should we do in our freetime? What event to attend, what novelty should we try?

We all would like to make the best out of our freetime. Collect common experiences, good memories with family, friends or colleagues.  This portal tries to act as a guidance with information, maps and an event calendar, to help our visitors figure out the best ways of leisure and entertainment for themselves.

What? Where? When?

Use our search engine to find programmes for a certain date or location. You can browse among towns, regions, and can search for a special type of programme or hobby.

Please use our map while searching!

You can also find some good daily tips if you have only a few hours a day. Just take a look at our event calendar. If you would like to organize a weekend holiday, you can find many tips for locations, hotels and related events, too. If you prefer relaxed or active holidays in hotels, you can find many packages available.  For longer holidays, go through the packages of our partner agencies.

It’s always worth to browse our event calendar

If you have children, it’s always a challenge to find a programme which entertains each member of the family. We try to provide many possibilities for  them. Friends are also a very important target audience for us. Community building is again very important for companies, and we have a wide sortiment of programmes from wine tours to extreme experiences.

Feel free to contact us if you need help – press the ’information’ button

You can find the guaranteed programmes in our ’programmes, events’ menu, like festivals. In freetime, hobby menu you can also find programmes where you need to register in advance ( this means that they are not guaranteed). If you plan a longer holiday, browse our partners’ packages for the best offer.

We hope to contribute to your unforgettable experiences!

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