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Tolna county

Tolna county is part of Southern-Transdanubia. Its centre is Szekszárd. Tolna hills with Völgység, Hegyhát and the Szekszárd hills and the southern side of Mezőföld, Sárköz and the hills along Kapos-Koppány are the significant landscapes of the area. The wines of Szekszárd are nationwide famous quality wines. The visitors' centre of the nuclear power plant in Paks is also an interesting sight as well as the open-air ethnography museum in Decs, the castles of Simontornya and Ozora, the forest in Gemenc with the wildlife reservatum, the spas of Dombóvár-Gunaras and Tamási, or the birthplace of the famous Hungarian poet, Mihály Babits and the german theater in Szekszárd. Sárköz is a unique ethnographical area of Hungary with special arts and crafts and culture. The natural values are guarded and exhibited by the Duna-Dráva National Park.

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Settlements - Tolna county

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